Green Fashion Hits the Big Screen in Sex and the City 2 (Photos)

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The ladies of Sex and the City 2 dressed in elaborate wardrobes; In an equally decadent setting. Credit: HBO via Vogue
Green fashion hits the big screen in Sex and the City 2 amongst the modern, decadent ensembles worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis. Fashion is as big--if not bigger--than the plot in the film adapted from the original HBO television series, that follows the lives, loves, and style of four women living in New York City. Through the 41 costume changes that leading lady Carrie Bradshaw alone undergoes in the film, it is hard to differentiate the vintage from the haute couture. One thing we know for sure is that Samantha Jones (actress Kim Cattrall) sports a silver Ecoist bag made from recycle candy wrappers in the flick; Click through for photos!
sex city green fashion photo

Actress Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones is wearing "The Mega" silver bag by Ecoist. Image courtesy of Ecoist
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Quality is not the best, I know, but it is all that was available. Image courtesy of Ecoist

According to the press release, Sex and the City stylist, Danny Santiago has this to say about the bag: "We chose the Silver Mega because its very modern, the proportion is perfect, it went great with her's got a very glamorous look, day glamour".

VIDEOSex and the City's Willie Garson at the Christie's Green Auction

The Mega Silver photo

'The Mega' Ecoist bag in silver ($178). Image courtesy of Ecoist

While fashion in Sex and the City is a tale of over consumption of luxury goods, we love leading lady Carrie Bradshaw's individualized sense of style. She pairs vintage items with new; Wears her favorite clothing on more than one occasion; and she loves--aside from leading man Mr. Big--her clothing and the way it makes her feel.

QUIZ: What's Your Green Celebrity IQ?

Upon seeing this film, my guilty pleasure for decadence and elaborate fashion was vicariously satisfied. Though I left the theatre wanting more--more designer clothes, more spiky stilettos--once I had come down from the hype of the film, I realized that I do not need those things at all. I'd much rather go through my own wardrobe and reawaken old favorites--with proper tailoring, ironing, and/or new buttons and in general have more fun with the way I dress. Consumption not necessary.

So putting bad reviews and mass consumption aside, what do you think of Sex and the City 2?

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