Green Fashion: 7 Australian Sustainable Designers You Need to Know

5. Elsom

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The minds behind the Elsom label focus on the past to design for the future: Pieces are tailored by hand, organic cotton is sustainably grown in India, and the fashion is created to be timeless enough to last a lifetime. Button-down shirts, slim suits, go-anywhere cocktail dresses, and dramatic tops add the right notes to your wardrobe now without being so over next season.

6. Gorman

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For ten years, Lisa Gorman has been turning out clothes at her five Australian flagship stores, but it's the green initiatives she's taken since 2007 that land her a spot on this list: Along with launching a line made from organic cotton, yarn, and fibers, Gorman's been going green in the office, switching to green power and recyclable packaging, donating a portion of proceeds to environmental charities, and offering discounts to customers who show up to the store on their bicycles.

7. Slingfings

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The uncomplicated lifestyle of Byron Bay, Australia made such an impression on Slingfings founder Rachel Bending that she returned 10 years after her first visit to set up shop as an eco-friendly designer. The Slingfings line of bags and clothes are made by hand at home by the company's employees, using recycled or reclaimed fabrics and cloth and natural, locally-sourced materials whenever necessary. Even better: Sewing is done via solar power, keeping the unspoiled area pristine.

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