Green Eyes On: Detox Your Armpit

green eyes on detox your armpits

Photo via Jennifwr.

Gross, right? Who wants to talk about, let alone read about, detoxing their armpit. A detox can be an unpleasant enough time even when it just involves you're digestive system. But an armpit? Who can even imagine what toxins might emerge when you set out to detox that hidden crevice of the human body?

But, alas, it has fallen to me to explain the process to the likes of all of you. Why? Well, let's call it a matter of passion. No, that sounds disgusting, who's passionate about detoxing armpits. Ok, let's call it a matter of necessity because I shudder to think of the harmful gunk people are unknowingly slathering onto their underarms. But, I rejoice to think of the sweet smelling alternative.

Here's how all of this started. A great number of years ago I decided to ditch the conventional antiperspirant I had been using during my teen years; scared from warnings about aluminum and because I knew it was full of synthetic ingredients that I didn't want entering my blood stream. So, daring the warm summer months to induce a foul smell and wreak havoc on my social life, I switched cold turkey to a 'natural' deodorant I found at my health foods store. Thus began my process of trying nearly every natural deodorant on the market. I kid you not; I have a cupboard filled with at least a dozen different types of natural deodorant (I just can't bear to toss them all). Why did I try so many? Because they all made me emit a smell I didn't think was possible from my clean and pure body. I tried all scents: lavender, tea tree oil, patchouli, bergamot orange, and more. None helped and none worked.

This is when I started thinking. What's making me smell; my body or what I'm putting on it? Surely it was a combination of both because we all know that we'll smell a little differently after a meal heavy on the garlic, so it's safe to assume that our body takes on what we put in it. But it's also safe to assume that the smell can be assaulted further by what we put on it.

I decided that it was all of these scents, albeit natural fragrances-instead of synthetic-from plant extracts and the like, that were contributing to the smell. So I began to detox. Truly detox. I went a full week without using anything at all. And what I noticed was astonishing. I was still sweating some (come on, it was like 90 degrees out!) but it was no longer nearly as bad. I had rid my underarm of the built up junk that was making whatever I sweat out smell worse.

I had undergone phase one of the armpit detox. Now it was time to phase one of the natural deodorants back in. One by one I tried them, and one by one they failed. Miserably. Until finally I reached for the one product I have seen on the shelves along side all other natural under-arm weaponry since the days when I was tall enough to stand in my dad's little natural foods shop in Michigan. I grabbed the Crystal and took it home, prepared for another trial and failure. I have never rejoiced so in my own mistaken assumption. What I thought would be another failed attempt wasn't at all. In fact, with consistent use, I started to be a completely scent-free sweater.

The Crystal, which I've been an avid user of for years now, employs natural mineral salts that work to prevent odor from happening by neutralizing the bacteria that naturally forms on our body. The mineral salts form a topical layer on the skin, making it inhospitable to the bacteria that cause odor. All Crystal products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, alcohol-free, non-sticky, non-staining and they contain no aluminum chlorohydrate.

There are other natural deodorants that work perfectly well for other people. I know people who love the Erbaviva deodorant and others love Tom's of Maine and Jason's deodorants.

Here's the Daily Green's list of "The 9 Best Natural Deodorants"

But I'm partial to The Crystal at the moment and have been excited to try their brand new line of Crystal Essences, each with its own light scent: Chamomile & Green Tea, Lavender & White Tea, and Pomegranate.

Whichever of the natural deodorants you reach for, I hope you'll use these cooler winter months as an opportunity to detox your armpits. Go cold turkey. Get rid of the gunk, allow your pits to detox and then integrate in a more natural odor preventer. Your underarms will thank you.