Green Beauty Products Abound at (You Guessed It)

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Looking for green beauty products can be a nightmare. Some so-called "green" products are about as eco-friendly as bottled water, and many products that are great for the environment just don't stand up to our hectic lives (particularly in the sweltering summer months). Wouldn't it be lovely if a store just did all the filtering and testing for us?

Enter, a new online retailer that specializes in environmentally friendly, healthy beauty products—and, we're happy to report, they ship to the United States.Co-founded by make-up artist and stylist Donna Bishop and product junkie Cindy Newton, the online store features products that have passed muster with Newton and have met Bishop's high standards in fashion shows, on photo shoots and on TV and movie sets.

Green Beauty Basics

Green Beauty has nearly all of the major beauty bases covered: categories include skin care, hair care, face, eyes, lips, sun care, bath & body and accessories (like brushes). But eco-friendly nail polish is notably absent despite the fact there are several quality products on the market.

Ingredients lists are provided for each product, and everyone from make-up minimalists to beauty product hoarders will appreciate the "I chose this because" note that explains how the product wears and offers up tips on application.

A few of the products are admittedly less than perfect, but this is acknowledged and their inclusion on the site is explained. A prime example is the Kiss Me Mascara, which is made with parabens. The product info explains it's not an everyday product, but is necessary for those times when you need a water-resistant formula—think weepy weddings.

Give us More Green Beauty Options!

The one big problem we have with the Green Beauty site is there is often only one line of a certain type of product on offer. Take sunscreen: only UV Natural products are for sale. The same holds true for shampoo and conditioner, lip gloss and other products. This poses problems for people with plant allergies. Allergic to aloe? There are no shampoo options for you. Have a sensitivity to hemp? Both the lipstick and lip stain sold on the site are from Hemp Organics.

The one area where there is a lot of choice is in skin care, so even if you're just looking for a new cleanser or moisturizer, the site is a great place to shop.

The good news is the number of products available is expected to grow as Bishop and Newton find new products and put them to the test.

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Green Beauty Products Abound at (You Guessed It)
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