Gotta lotta bottle - Smart Glass Jewelry


Ever thought of wearing coke bottles on your ears? The jewellery designer Kathleen Plate has thought about wearing them round your neck as well! Sounds heavy, but Kathleen's Smart Glass collection lends glass bottles the lightest touch. If endorsing the world's largest soft drinks manufacturer isn't up your style street never fear, Kathleen also reuses Skyy Vodka, Pellegrino, Aveda, as well as all manner of beer and wine bottles. So whatever your favourite beverage you can find them transformed into beautiful accessories. Kathleen started designing jewellery by making a pair of earrings for a friend's birthday whilst at graduate school. They proved so popular that soon after selling to boutiques in the early 90s she had clients such as Aveda and Coca Cola knocking on her door. Aveda gave Kathleen an enormous commission after spotting one of her pieces made from one of their bottles and then Coke did the same last year. Apart from the great reuse of glass bottles in her work we also think Kathleen is pretty smart to be recycling big brand names. We like the contrast of connecting big business to her small eco-friendly hand made production line. Kathleen's jewellery line for Coca Cola is now sold in the New World of Coke store in Atlanta. All pieces are worked with silver solder and framed in sterling silver. :: Smart Glass Jewelry