Goodbye Catwalk and End-of-Season Inventory, Hello StyleShake


TreeHugger is a big fan of computer prototypes in designing functional furniture and green homes, how about in fashion? A new UK-based company StyleShake lets women design, share patterns, choose their fabric and order their creations through the Internet.

"Product customization really is an old field," says Iris Ben-David, CEO and founder of StyleShake. "But personal design has now gotten up to selecting shoe color or the image on a T-shirt. Never before has it been possible to design an entire garment, including shape, cut, patterning, and body structure."

There is no mention yet of organic fabrics, but we like the potential for such initiatives to start a trend away from mass marketed low-quality junk that lasts no more than a season. With a vested interest in the design and creation, chances are that a dress is more likely to spend several years, if not more, in the closet.


Create it online using StyleShake's design tools which can help tailor each piece to your body type, or occasion, along with the input of Romina Karamanea, StyleShake’s Creative Director, a designer who sells at London’s most prestigious fashion boutiques.

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