Good Enough to Eat

There are so many natural skin products on the market that it is tricky to figure out which to choose. Finnish women have beautiful, pale, flawless complexions, despite the harsh winters. So here is skin cream from Finland with luscious ingredients that sound so, well, Nordic, that it is hard to resist. Lumene creams contain natural plants from the Arctic circle of Finnish Lapland, such as Arctic blackcurrant, cloudberry, cranberry and Arctic Sea Buckthorn. Other ingredients include Arctic Peat, spring water, water lily nectar and pine and willow bark extract. Lumene claims that the clean rivers, forests and marshlands of the Arctic Circle contain rare flora, with special nutrients not found anywhere else. The Arctic cloudberry - a precious yellow berry from the Arctic circle - is not only the most nutritious of the wild berries, but was so valued by the last nomadic people of Europe, the Sami, that theft of the berries stocked for winter was much feared. Lumene don't do animal testing, and they use recyclable materials and a minimum of packaging. And does it work? Who knows, but worth a try for those in northern climes. :: Lumene

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