Get Up Close and Personal with Green Fashion Designers: Susan Ciancialo, Eko-Lab, Uluru, and More in DIY Workshops (NYC Event)

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Images courtesy of Sustainable Exchange.

New York-based sustainable fashion designers and artists, Susan Cianciolo; Uluru's Caroline Priebe; Eko-Lab's Melissa Kirgan and Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard, and others will showcase their crafts in a collaborative exhibition and experimental laboratory at Toda Design studio for four days, beginning this Friday, May 7. Sustainable Exchange: Methods and Practices for Collaborative Partnerships, curated by Megan Howard, will provide a platform for artists and designers to engage with the local community, and explore the "possibilities and versatility of sustainable consumption, production, and business."

If you have ever wanted to learn how to finger crochet, draw for fashion, or dye naturally, this is your chance. Click through for workshop details:

Beginner Finger Crochet with Melissa Kirgan and Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard of Eko-Lab

Friday, May 7 12-3pm
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Eko-Lab Spring 2010 Collection at the Green Shows during New York Fashion Week. Credit: Jason Wyche
In crochets early days, it was considered a pastime of the upper class, whereby they could create delicate and detailed items to decorate their homes or their clothing. Now this portable practice is popular amongst all ages and skill levels. Join Eko-Lab for a gathering of creative crocheting for beginners. You will learn the basic crochet stitches and how you can put them together to make different patterns using solely your fingers as hooks. The work- shop will be instructed by Eko-lab's master crocheter Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard. Materials are generously provided by Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool and Swans Island, but feel free to bring your own fingers.

Natural Dyeing with Rachel Littenberg-Weisberg and Alexandra Parkin

Friday, May 7, 3-6pm
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Image via TreeHugger
In this workshop you will learn and experiment with natural dyes. Synthetic dyes are harmful for the environment replacing them with earth friendly natural dyes that are made from flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, spices and teas can give a range of colors and are a beautiful alternative. Bring a garment or a piece of fabric that is a natural material (ie. silk or cotton) and we will show you how to dye using simple practices that can easily be replicated in your own kitchen. The dyes involved will be turmeric spice (yellow), smoked tea (grey), and madder root (red). Attend the Eko-Lab begin- ners crochet workshop and bring your new crochet piece in for dyeing!

Fashion Drawing, Painting, and Collage with Susan Cianciolo and Megan Howard

Saturday, May 8, 1-3:30pm
susan cianciolo

Susan Cianciolo fall 2010 presentation, New York Fashion Week. Credit: Emma Grady
This experimental workshop will introduce participants to the art of fashion illustration and mixed medium collage. Experimental artists Susan Cianciolo will introduce the varied techniques of drawing from a live figure as well as encourage the use of paints, chalks, pencils, and inks to develop ones personal style. Immediately following the drawing workshop, both instructors will introduce the art of collage using their newly created fashion illustrations, papers, tapes, glues and other miscellaneous materials. Participants are encouraged to bring and work within their own sketchbooks. Materials will be provided but attendees are welcome to bring their own.

Sustainable Business Conversation with Caroline Priebe of Uluru NYC

Saturday, May 8, 4:30-6pm
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Uluru recycled appliqued sweater. Image via TreeHugger
This seminar will focus on the possibilities of starting and operating a sustainable business within the art and design world. The methods and prac- tices discussed in this open forum are versatile and can be applied to many fields and various industries.

Cooking with Seasonal and Natural Foods with Anne Apparu and Friends

Sunday May 9, 12-6pm
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Image via TreeHugger
Using food obtained through CSA baskets and local farmers, Anne Apparu, an acclaimed sustainable foods chef, will prepare an extraordinary meal and offer cooking demonstrations using natural ingredients and lots of love. This all day event will celebrate slow and seasonal cooking. Please join us for open discussions, good food, and good people. All are welcome, bring something to share and watch it transform into a delectable dish.

All workshops will take place at Toda Design studio: 250 West Broadway, 6th floor, New York City. The exhibition is open to the public May 7-9, 12pm-6pm.

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