Get Hip, Get Green, and Bring Your Own Bag

Get Hip, Get Green

We can't think of anything less chic than trashing the environment. Or toting a disposable plastic bag, for that matter. Designer Lisa Leija thought so too when she created Get Hip, Get Green, a line of attention-grabbing reusable bags made from 100 percent non-woven polypropylene with partially recycled materials, and printed with water-based inks. ($24.90 gets you five bags; a portion of the sales go to The Green Ambassadors, a youth environmental group.)

Our review unit passed TreeHugger's patented 10-pound-cat test and Leija says that five bags will hold the contents of a completely filled grocery cart. (A few of the seams on our bag came loose, though we're unsure if it was just a fluke with ours.) We naturally balked at the "Made in China" label we found on our bag's interior, but Leija assures us that the factory conditions are sound and that she is still looking for a vendor Stateside.

Look out for bags made of 100 percent recycled PET, the same material soda bottles are made of, as well as soy inks in future editions. Seriously, Anya Hindmarch, who? ::Get Hip, Get Green