g=9.8: Sexy Lingerie from Tree Pruning Scraps


Judging by the popularity of our Enamore post, readers are jonzing for sexy, ethical undies (or is there suddenly a shortage of busty lady pics on-line?). French designer Sophie Young's g=9.8 delivers the goods using wood. That's Lenpur®, a fabric made from white pine tree clippings. We hope not to insult your intelligence by explaining that g=9.81m/s2 is the figure for gravitational acceleration.We'll report more on LENPUR® soon. The eco-benefits sound convincing: no extra water required to produce the wood scraps, and the fabric is supposedly biodegradable.

g=9.8 also touts LENPUR® as offering "The comfort of silk, the feel of cashmere, and the coolness of linen. The resulting pieces acquire surprising thermal regulating and anti-stress properties." That's what we want in underwear: climate control and the durability to withstand amorous contortions. Sophie doesn't stop at undies, however: the whole family gets to look both sporty and modern with athletic and sleepwear lines. Thanks, pine trees! ::g=9.8, seen at the Ethical Fashion Show