g=9.8: Eco-Lingerie for Valentine's Day


g=9.8 isn't a new brand for those of you that have been reading TreeHugger for awhile. But with Cupid making a visit in just a few days from now, we thought we'd mention their new styles, designed by young, French designer Sophie Young. Quick recap: g=9.8 is a collection of eco-friendly lingerie made from LENPUR® , a sustainable textile made from white pine tree clippings processed with enzymes into fiber. The wood fiber is made from sustainably managed wood and only certain parts of the trees are chosen, while harvesting coincides with normal pruning. Now back to those new styles
If thigh-high stockings, strappy tops and sexy boxers for the guys catch your interest, you might want to look into g=9.8 to spice up your Valentine's Day. Especially since LENPUR® is known to offer "the comfort of silk, the feel of cashmere, and the coolness of linen." Each piece boasts thermal regulating and anti-stress properties which sounds like something we'd be looking for when our Valentine's Day heats up. Seems to us you wouldn't even know you'd be sporting (ahem) wood. Via ::By Nature ::g=9.8

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