Furochic: And That's a Wrap


As no doubt our razor-sharp readers will be quick to point out, the most sustainable packaging is no packaging at all. But if your delicate sense of aesthetics will not permit your goods to go commando, a traditional Japanese art of embellishment that employs a reusable square piece of fabric (or Furoshiki) could be your answer.

Furochic revives that technique with its 100 percent cotton fabric wraps, each measuring 27x27 inches. While we wish the company supplied more-sustainable textile options, you're by no means limited to Furochic's offerings—hemmed squares of hemp, linen, and organic cotton fabrics, or even a brightly patterned vintage scarf, would serve just as well.

Click below the fold for 10 different ways a piece of cloth can dress up your gifts. Jenny Wren Paperie

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