Fruition Bags - A postcript

Further info on yesterday's post about those hard-to-recycle alumimnium, foil-lined, juice cartons being made into funky bags. A little of the story behind them — a women’s environmental co-op in the Philippines has so far gathered up over 1 million of them, given them a thorough clean and created the robust, waterproof bags. In various shapes and sizes. Their creativity supports the livelihood of more than 200 families. The Fiipino Department of Environment and Natural Resources has even appealed for citizens to support the venture, by collecting the cartons. Apparently over 50,000 are required for daily production, by the Kilus Foundation, who makes the bags, purses, wallets, slippers, belts and aprons. Basura is the name given to the line, being Fiipino for 'garbage' or 'waste'. Pricing ranges from $12-42 AUD. Available many places online, including ::Biome [by WM]