From E-Waste to Geek Chic: Upcycled Jewelry by Yuma Fujimaki

Photos: Yuma Fujimaki

If you're the type of girl that shudders at the idea of frilly accessories or jewelry, check out these pieces of geek chic by Japanese designer Yuma Fujimaki. Made from recycled electronic waste, Fujimaki's elegantly cerebral collection features old circuits transformed into richly detailed rings, simple pendants and brooches fit for the techie girl (or techie gentleman) of taste, while presenting another innovative way to tackle a widespread problem.
While Fujimaki's other metal works are a little more conventional-looking, it's his line of recycled PC circuit jewelry that really stands out:


His "Evo" series of futuristic pendants look like they're straight out of Star Trek or some other sci-fi milieu:


And his level-headed looking brooches, though squarish, are reminiscent of a snarky Nintendo chiptune.


I particularly love his polygonal rings of gold and silver. They are eye-catching, intricate
and the careful craftsmanship makes boring old circuit boards look positively fabulous.




With over 1.9 million tons of e-waste being landfilled during 2007 in the United States alone and many tons more being shipped off to developing countries like India or China, e-waste is a serious issue that has global implications. Though only half of a computer is actually recyclable (the rest is contaminated with heavy metals like lead), solutions like Fujimaki's are still appealing, because beyond the necessary regulation, it's an imaginative effort to break down an environmental problem into something accessible, trendy and desirable.

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