From Chip Bags to Handbags

These great looking handbags and wallets are made out of recycled or factory-second potato chip bags. Working with a Mexican charity dedicated to education on sustainable resources, they are made by hand by women’s groups and prisoner support groups. The bright colours of the original bags mean that the purses are vibrant in colour. They are carefully woven so that the original designs and logos are retained and emphasised. The bags are waterproof and durable due to their original usage. They also make men’s bags out of the soft inner tubing of rubber tires. These come in messenger bag styles and knap-sack shapes. House wares include place mats and wastepaper baskets. By weaving the crisp bags in different ways different patterns are made. Some come in silver by using the inside of the chip bags. A colourful and salty addition to your summer wardrobe. :: PlanetSilverchilli