Fresh New Fashion Label Launches with One Little Black Dress (Photos)

bright young things photo

One dress; Two different ways. Credit: Emma Grady

From the Designer of The Uniform Project dress--Brooklynite Sheena Matheiken made it famous by wearing it 365 days, 365 different ways--comes a fresh new fashion label Bright Young Things. The catch: the label is comprised of one season-less LBD, designed to be worn continuously and made to order, locally in New York City. Could it be the most sustainable dress on the market?

As a friend of the Uniform Project, I attended the launch event at the carefully curated boutique Maryam Nassir Zadeh in New York City Thursday night. Click through for photos (including many ways to wear one LBD):

uniform project dress

Sheena Matheiken, center, wearing the "Uniform Project dress" as it has been dubbed. Image via TreeHugger

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Bright Young Things Launch Event in New York City

bright young things photo

Designer Eliza Starbuck, center, with friends in "the same" LBD. Credit: Emma Grady
bright young things photo

More ways to wear one dress. Credit: Emma Grady

Bright Young Things Designer Eliza Starbuck. Credit: Emma Grady
Kristina Ratliff photo

Kristina Ratliff, of State PR, rocks the LBD. Credit: Emma Grady
bright young things photo

Maryam Nassir Zadeh in New York City. Credit: Emma Grady
bright young things photo

Credit: Emma Grady

For those of us who missed the dress' 365-limited edition run, it is available for pre-sale at Bright Young Things and in-store at Maryam Nassir Zadeh (123 Norfolk Street, New York City) for $185.

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