Freitag Makes Arty Bags

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We saw them at the Tate Modern Museum and you can see them if you are at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, or the MoCA in Los Angeles at the right time. It's the latest Freitag bag, sort of a status symbol since it's produced in a limited edition and only available at the museums or on line at specific times. So get arty if you want one.

Normally Freitag bags are made from cut-up truck tarp's. For this collection they cut up art. The bags are made from banners from the shows at 4 of the great modern art museums. If you aren't into the messenger bag look, this chic bag may become the sophisticate's version of the much-loved Freitag bag.


The banners being used in these Japanese bags come from Mori shows "Chalo! India: A new era of Indian Art" and "Annette Messager: The Messengers". They go on sale next week at the museum and on line.


The Palazzo Grassi is a new museum in Venice and its collection consists of banners from the exhibitions "Sequence 1", "Where are we going?" and the international travelling exhibition "Rome and the Barbarians".

modern tate

A bit of a dull one for the Tate Modern in London--we saw it on the first day of sale. They have used luminous coloured mesh tarpaulins and the bags are bright green and blue. Nice colours but blah design. Nevertheless, they are going fast--more than half are sold already.


From the very hip MoCA in L.A., banners from shows by hot artists Liz Larner, Sam Durant and Lucien Freud provided the material. On sale August 28. : Freitag

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