For Luscious Lips, Try Primitive's Petroleum-Free Lipstick

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"Belize" lipstick, Primitive Makeup. Image courtesy of Primitive Makeup.

Is petroleum lurking in your cosmetic case? As Meg points out in her post, if you're packing lipstick or lip plumper--and/or many other common beauty products--it's highly likely. Fortunately, Primitive Makeup offers luscious colors without a chemical-laden list of ingredients--like petrochemicals, parabens, or synthetic colors.

Click through to find out why Primitive Makeup gets Jane Goodall's and our--they sent us complimentary colors--kiss of approval. And, we picked out a perfect hue for you; That is, if you're a vegan, organitarian, or humanitarian. More: Primitive Makeup's line of natural cosmetics is comprised of lipsticks, glosses, and lip pencils. All products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. According to Nancy Caigan, founder Primitive Makeup, "It is essential that the makeup line be 100% all natural, made entirely of naturally occurring ingredients, with no synthetics, additives, or preservatives."

Primitive makeup

Image courtesy of Primitive Makeup.

Whether you're a vegan, organitarian, or humanitarian there's a hue for you:

For vegans, try "Tahiti" or "Taj Mahal"; both are formulated without the use of animal products. Other lipsticks do contain beeswax, and/or carmine (a natural red pigment from the dried female insect Coccus cacti).

For humanitarians, look for "Tahiti" or "Belize" lip colors. These two hues are Jane Goodall favorites and they wear the "Good for All" brand, which recognizes environmentally conscience products; A percentage of the proceeds are donated to the Jane Goodall Institute.

For organitarians, opt for Primitive lip pencils which have been certified organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. According to Primitive's website, the "lipsticks and
lip glosses are completely natural, but not yet certified organic."

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