For Lasting Holiday Lip Color Try Jane Iredale Lip Stains

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Photo: Jane Iredale

Caught reapplying lipstick umpteem times throughout a holiday party? Try lip stains instead. Jane Iredale Lip Fixations are both lip stain and lip gloss in one. Available in five lovely hues, from "Devotion," a sultry coral and shimmering pink, to "Fetish," a cool plum and delicate lilac, the cruelty-free collection of lip stains can be conveniently purchased on for $29. (Thanks to my informative green makeover with Jessa Blades for introducing me to the brand and Jane Iredale for sending complimentary product).
The berry-hued lip colors are packed with ginger root extract and avocado oil, and they have the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) kiss of approval. Their Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database awards Jane Iredale Lip Fixatons a very low hazard rating of "1" out of 10.

More at Jane Iredale.

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