For Every Green T-Shirt Sold, Eco-Fashion Label Wiloh Gives One to a Child in Need (Photos)


"Bamboo Panda" by Tokyo Candies. Image via Wiloh.

An eco-fashion brand born in social media heaven. Not only did I find out about this new fashion label through Twitter -- thanks for the follow, Wiloh -- but that's exactly how the founders of green fashion label Wiloh met: New York-based Edward Cinelli met Sydney-based Angela Wozniakmet online through social networking and their mutual love for street style and eco-fashion compelled them to launch Wiloh. Their hip t-shirts -- each designed by an up-and-coming artist from around the globe, dyed with water-based inks, and made with bamboo fabric -- have a philanthropic twist, too. More:Like TOMS Shoes' One for One Campaign , for every limited-edition t-shirt sold, Wiloh donates a t-shirt to a child in need through their charity, called "Tee for Tee," and a collaboration with Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.).

eco fashion t shirt

"Nobody" by Puloverchito. Image via Wiloh.

"Melody D" by Puloverchito

boy tribal queen

"Tribal Queen" by Doeasembilanpro. Image via Wiloh.
bamboo t-shirt photo

"The Heist" by Tokyo Candies. Image via Wiloh.

All men's and women's t-shirts (most print available in both) retail for $38, are made out of a bamboo/cotton blend fabric, and are conveniently available online at Wiloh.

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