Floc Designs' Portable Flip Flops Fold Up to Save Space, Feet (And They're Recycled, Too!)

Floc Designs recycled portable flip flops photo

Photo credit: Floc Designs

Like a devoted lover, these portable flip-flops will go where you go, roam where you roam, whether it's to the yoga studio, the spa, or that grody motel room where the carpet smells (and feels) like wet mongrel.

Made in the United States from 95 percent recycled rubber, Floc Designs' Pocketflops ($20) fold in half, so you can slip them neatly into the matching organic cotton or recycled PET pouch for chucking into your gym bag or purse for unforeseen ambulatory emergencies (broken heel, blistery feet, a city-wide blackout that forces you to schlep from midtown Manhattan across the Queensboro bridge to your boyfriend's apartment because the entire PATH subway system ground to a standstill).Squeeze your tootsies into a pair of commemorative Earth Day thongs in black and silver, or show off your pedicure with Chandiflops dotted with peacock-blue chandelier silhouettes. Still on an Obama victory high? You can show your allegiance to No. 44 by smashing the soles of your feet against his screen-printed visage. Or on a pack of ninjas. Same difference.

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