Being a parent is hard enough in itself. Getting everything you need to have in order to be constantly prepared is even harder. Finding those things you need while staying at least somewhat stylish and minimizing the impact that "stuff" might have? Now there's a challenge. Luckily, unlike many other parenting tasks, you have help in this endeavor.

Fleurville is a San Francisco-area company that provides a bevy of stylish, PVC-free bags for "modern parents." Moms (beach bags, sling totes), dads (DJ bags, messenger bags) and kids (lunch packs, kids messengers) are all covered. But, it is Fleurville's Re-Run line, with fabric made from recycled water bottles, that really gets TreeHugger's gears moving. By now, most of us know that one of the easiest ways to green our water is to do away with bottled water in favor of tap. However, plenty of folks (but only 6% of TreeHugger readers) still consume over-packaged h2o, so creative ways to keep the bottles from the landfill are still needed. Re-Run's recycled PET fabric fits the bill here.

The larger Re-Run bags, such as the stroller bag and messenger, keep eight to ten water bottles from hitting the garbage pile. The smaller MicroPod diverts three bottles worth of waste. And, like the rest of Fleurville's bags, these are entirely PVC-free. That way, you can keep the environment healthy now while helping to lessen the problems left your children in the decades ahead.


Thanks to tipster Clio!

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