Five Scary Fall New York Fashion Week Faux Pas

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What not to wear. Photo via: styleserver/Flickr

We usually don't like to point out the negative aspects of things here on TreeHugger, but when it comes to New York's just ended Fall Fashion Week, I am forced to ask, "Wha' happened?"

Maybe my expectations were too high thanks to last year's kickin' green fall fashion goods—from the famous designer displays at the FutureFashion show to the slew of eco-designers who strutted their sustainable stuff (Stella McCartney, Ali Hewson and Hessnatur). Or maybe I was just plain wrong when it came to thinking that the sucky economy would actually effect the runways for the better.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure—we wish the tents at Bryant Park could've heeded Blythe's advice. Read on for the five things we definitely wish we didn't see at this year's fall fashion week. Models eating McDonald's


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Talk about tacky! The Mickey D's Bryant Park sponsorship was sure-fire evidence that Fashion Week couldn't escape the economic blow.

Sure, in the past we've given the golden arches credit for dabbling in responsibly sourced coffee, but as Marissa points out—free coffee hand-outs aren't such a great thing when tons of disposable cups are being wasted. They could've encouraged--if not sold--reusable mugs.

Calling all eco-designers!

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Eco-Fashion icon Stella McCartney. Photo via: Francois Durand/Getty Images

Spotting sustainable fashion shows this season felt similar to reading a "Where's Waldo" book? Where the heck were they?

We missed the positive influence of designers like Stella McCartney, Ali Hewson, and Linda Loudermilk. Next season, please come out, come out wherever you are. We need you.

The Philip Lim let down

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Photo via: Indiewench/Flickr

I was all amped to go out and cover the Philip Lim show—that's until I found out I couldn't.

You see, I was on Aveda's guest list as they were scheduled to do the models' hair and make-up. When Philip Lim made a last minute decision to skip Aveda's sustainable styling for synthetic wigs, Aveda pulled out. I couldn't go--nor at that point wanted to.

Three words: Synthetic wigs? Why?

So over the 80's

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Photo via: wisely-chosen/Flickr

So why subject us to 80's style make-up? We should be shifting away from Reagan-era excess—not reverting back to it.

We would've preferred minimalist makeup like Aveda's over Nars' metallic blue-violet lipstick and eyeshadow spotted at the Marc Jacobs show. Especially when we know just how loaded make-up can be with chemical nasties and how many sexy, great green alternatives exist.

Not such warm and fuzzy feelings

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Photo via: C. Mariani/Flickr

According to the New York Times, after publicly pledging to wean their collections off of fur, designers like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karen had models rocking crocodile heels and shearling coats.

The reason? They don't consider shearling the same as fur.

While shearling may not officially fall under the fur category—it may as well. PETA's website states that, "a shearling garment is made from the skin and coat of a sheep or a lamb who is shorn shortly before slaughter; the skin is tanned with the wool still on it."

Some things just aren't worth sacrificing for fashion.

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Five Scary Fall New York Fashion Week Faux Pas
We usually don't like to point out the negative aspects of things here on TreeHugger, but when it comes to New York's just ended Fall Fashion Week, I am forced to ask, "Wha' happened?"

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