Fire Brigade Comes To The Rescue To Stop People's Pants Falling Down


It's unlikely that anyone's pants are feeling a little too loose after the holidays, but, whether they are desperately needed for practical reasons or not, there's no denying that these belts are a smart choice. We always congratulate designers who come across a whole heap of unused material and find clever ways to start utilizing it. These belts are a great case in point, they are made from old fire hoses and recycled pewter buckles.The material has seen 25 years of active service putting out blazes across the UK capital. Once the hoses are retired the build up of soot and grease is cleaned off and they are ready to be transformed into fashionable accessories. The recycled pewter buckle is a great example of good eco-design being incorporated into every detail of a product.

The belt's designers, in order to thank the London Fire Brigade, have committed to giving 50% of their Fire-Hose profits to the LFB Benevolent Fund. This funky range comes in several bright colours to cheer up your waistline this winter. The belts are available from The Natural Collection. Via: Al Tepper of The Natural Collection