FIN's Eco-Luxe: Wild Silk Saves The Silkworms

Norway's FIN makes beautiful, sumptuous and classic women's clothing out of organic and Fair Trade cotton, organic alpaca, and staring with the Fall/Winter 2008 collection, selected items in "wild" hand-spun silk. Generally, commercially reared silkworm pupae are killed by dipping them in boiling water or piercing with a needle so that the whole cocoon may be used. Wild silk necessitates smaller-scaled production as the moths are allowed to break free and the damaged cocoon, with less viable silk fiber, is spun.

Started in 2006, the FIN line of what they call "eco-luxe" already has a local and European following that is now expanding to US shores, via the newly-opened Pittsburg - and online - boutique Equita. At $248 for a pretty but unspectacular knitted cardigan and $276 for the cool off-the-shoulder dress pictured, FIN's fashions might not make it to the wardrobes of those of us still waiting for the Whole Foods of affordable and ethical fashion to arrive. Still, a cruelty-free silk shawl is something to dream of. Via ::Fin

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