Finally! Attractive Solar Clothing - The Zegna Ecotech Solar Jacket

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It's about time we see a piece of solar clothing that you'll want to wear. The Zegna Ecotech Solar Jacket looks slick, stylish, has a good cut, inconspicuous solar cells that (almost) don't look like a bad reference to the 80s. And, it's made from recycled plastic!

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The solar panels on the upper sleeves power up a heating device inside that keeps you toasty warm.

Charging the battery pack (which holds enough electricity to recharge a cell phone or iPod) to full capacity takes 5 hours of sunlight, so unless you plan on being outside quite a bit of the day, it might be smart to detach the solar panels and battery pack and set them out in the sun for a stretch.

That detachability has a second plus, as Ecouterre points out -- you can wear the jacket without the solar cells at night so you blend in with the non-geek crowds.

The textile leads that distribute the solar power to the rest of the jacket can be washed along with the entire coat, making it hassle-free. And the jacket comes with adapters for every major brand of communication device.

zegna solar jacket front photo

The newest iteration of this two-year-old-jacket boasts outer fabric, breathable membrane, seam taping, lining, and padding derived completely from recycled plastic.

So - cost. It's pricey - you can purchase it for $750 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

That's really pricey, but at least you'll look leaps and bounds better than this:

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