Filthy Farmgirl Cleans Up Dirty Hippies


We received some exquisitely aromatic soap samples from Filthy Farmgirl recently and can personally attest to their all-natural sudsing goodness. With flavors like Cheeky Ginger Citrus, Sassy Honey Oatmeal, and Coffee Vanilla Vixen, it's hard to misfire, but the California- and Hawaii-based company ups the green ante further with its earth-loving operations.

The herbs and spices found in the vegan-friendly soaps are mostly sourced from local organic farmers—that is, when they're not grown and harvested on site. Filthy Farmgirl's headquarters and farm are completely solar-powered and off the grid, with a similar setup in the works for its California office. Packaging-wise, you'll find that the soap wrappers are made using 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper by Greenline Paper, albeit with conventional inks. (Gretchen of Filthy Farmgirl assures me they're working on it.)

might appreciate the company's Muddy Puppy dog soap, which contains tea tree oil, cedar, and lemongrass as natural flea and tea repellents.

And here's a thought: Could soap be good for our tree-hugging souls? Gretchen's own clean and fresh philosophy:

First of all, being good to the earth starts with being good to ourselves, and our friends. Healthy happy (and yes, clean) people are intrinsically good for the earth! We believe our soap puts people in touch with the earth though their senses, and enlivens the otherwise mundane ritual of washing.

Bars start at $5 a pop; shipping is free on all orders within the United States. Another plus: Nothing is tested on animals. The only way we could love Filthy Farmgirl more is if it started using fair-trade-certified coffee and vanilla. Ay, there's the rub. :: Filthy Farmgirl

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