Faux tan with Europe's greenest beauty brand

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Skip the UVB parlor with an organic tan -- sans sun. Photo via: Flickr by Whatshername?

Eva Mendez, Debra Messing and Tim Daly rave about Lavera's beauty product collection from moisturizers to lip balms. But how many stars admit to using the fake tanning lotions? For green carpet affairs, celebs may go for airbrushing but hopefully they know better than to use tanning beds to recreate that healthy California glow. For skin color the shade of poolside resort-style leisure, slather on Lavera's Sunless Tan cream for a safe and natural-looking tan, sans sun.

With winter over, fake the spring break tan with paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free Lavera, voted the greenest cosmetic and beauty brand in Europe. It won the "Best Sunless Tan" 2008 Beauty Award by Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life by Sophie Uliano, who said: "This is the best self-tanner on the market. Non-toxic, and not at all smelly! It smoothes on like a luscious body lotion and after a few hours, reveals a truly flawless tan."

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Organic soy extracts, jojoba oil, calendula, aloe vera, and rose water are used for smooth and streak-proof body coverage. And for the face, there's also Summer Glow, with the soy mixing with the skin's amino acids gradually self-tanning over a few days. Extracts of peach, kiwi, apricot, and papaya offer nourishment and Vitamins E and C for anti-oxidant protect against environmental damage.

For 21 years, Lavera has made natural beauty products from cosmetics to baby care and anti-aging to a hair care (Mango Milk Shampoo, yum) full of organic plant oils, herb and flower extracts that are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, and petroleum ingredients including mineral oils and irritating detergents, like dreaded sodium lauryl sulfate.

"Sehr Gut" (Outstanding) kudos for Sun-Sensitive Self-Tanner

Ranked #1 by OEKO-TEST magazine, a European consumer report and environmental and health organization, as the best natural cosmetic company out of 33 firms, in front of Dr. Hauschka and Weleda. After some doubters questioned the choice, but the kudos were confirmed. Europe's way ahead of the U.S. in testing and toxin-free ingredients with independent BDIH foundation certification to assure safety standards. Lavera products are also vegan-safe and biodegradable.

Lavera is giving away goodies if you register online. And even with a fake tan, don't forget to use critical sunscreen, and check-out details about the dangers of synthetic sunscreen chemicals. Lavera's sun protection uses 100 percent natural mineral pigments for UV-A, B and C protection, free of oxybenzone and cetyl cinnamates, which mimic estrogen.

Find items at some Whole Foods, CVS pharmacies, and natural product shops or wellness centers.

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