Fashion Conscience


Fashion Conscience is a site for the fashion-minded and green that promises to provide you with "everything that's hot, totally wearable, totally green and totally wearable RIGHT NOW". That's their claim and after one look at this slick new site one would have to agree. If it weren't for the green word "conscience" in their name, it would be hard to separate them from other great-looking designer sites. And that's the beauty: all of the labels have been selected for their fashion credibility and style with the extra plus that they are all environmental and ethical.

There are categories to choose from such as lingerie, shoes, today's green buy (an adorable tee-shirt with a peacock ) but they also do it by trend. So if you are looking for high-waisted jeans ( of course you are), or the latest in pink, or the latest boots--they are all together in one handy spot to save you time searching. The site also lists by designer or clothing type. Only designs which have an "ethical and eco dimension--be it recycled, organic cotton, non-toxic, fair trade, sustainable, non-exploitative are stocked." Their packaging is ecological and they use bicycle couriers to deliver. Check it out. :: fashion-conscience

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