Fall Fashion 07: Loyale Introduces Vegan Faux Fur Jacket


This fall, Loyale introduces the first-ever organic, vegan faux-fur jacket, perfect for bundling yourself in as the mercury level dips and the leaves conspire to ripen into hues of red and gold. Both the soft, downy faux fur and the coat's lining are made out of 100 percent organic cotton, grown domestically in Texas. (Faux fur is traditionally made out of acrylic and polyester fibers, the manufacture of which is invariably polluting.)

Available in stores for a limited time from September to February, the $425 Costilla Jacket was born out of the New York City-based company's ethos of chic, eco-conscious style.

"Many people purchase traditional faux fur in order to protect animals; however they are not aware of the environmental consequences," says Jenny Hwa, Loyale's founder and designer, in a press release. "This jacket is a unique piece that is consistent with a timeless fashion trend while also taking into consideration the environment and all its various inhabitants." ::Loyale

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