Fairpack: Unbranding the Bag

Fairpack is Mark Hadfield's plan to reinvent the shopping bag. Hadfield, a Master's student at London-based Central Saint Martins, started Fairpack as part of his thesis, and based his research on designing products that make it easier for consumers to shop ethically. He is still developing the program that tasks designers with creating a graphic to adorn biodegradable plastic bags, recycled paper bags, and cotton bags as low-cost replacements for standard, less eco-friendly sacks. Says Hadfield, "Fairpack isn’t about a brand, it’s about a message...I want to show small businesses that being environmentally-friendly is a good way of attracting customers - and tell consumers that they needn’t be enslaved by big brands." We think we'll be hearing more good things from Fairpack soon. ::Fairpack via ::Cool Hunting