Factory Green - Organic Clothing For College Students By College Students

Jack Short and Daniel Lyons

Factory Green, a new online eco-store, run by pre-med college students Jack Short and Daniel Lyons at the University of Missouri in their "free time." The store is full of men's and women's tees designed by fellow college students and geared for college students. Thanks to tipster Adam, and a recent Sprig article for passing along this fashion tidbit.What do they sell?

Their organic cotton and bamboo tshirts are all designed by University of Missouri art students, and the housewares are chosen by companies that use recycled materials and sustainable practices. The clothing is all manufactured in facilities that use 90% solar and wind power. The average item is just $20 a pop, so the items are not only eco-friendly but also wallet-friendly. The store also has accessories like cute recycled purses, wallets and grocery-store totes.

Factory Green tote

Some of the clothing is a little more edgy, depending on the artist, but it is all aimed at the 18-24 year old crowd. This is also apparent as their "housewares" section is lovingly called "Apartment."

The Story Behind Factory Green

The guys have been friends since elementary school and really got on the eco-business kick when they both studied abroad in Europe. "People weren't just talking about the problems, they were living the solutions." So they got back to campus and got to work learning everything they could about opening a business, particularly an eco-one.

Since they are on a college campus, they have a wealth of talent with plenty of free time, and they definitely use this resource, employing the help of about 15 other students to help with graphic design and advertising.

Still Saving the Planet
Recycling is key at this company as they use campus newspapers for all package filling, keeping these out of the landfill. All other packaging materials and slips are made from recycled materials or are themselves recyclable.

This company is about hope and change, and the ability of young-people to do something to turn things around. To further this change, a percentage of each sale also goes to the United Nations Water for Life Campaign. They also have a blog highlighting store press and the latest Factory Green news.

Factory Green montage

Factory Green
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