Extreme Container Gardening: Grow Rice In Your Bra

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Image via YouTube video

Japan's Triumph International has done it again. Each year, we see some seriously crazy ideas for bras. In the past, it's been everything from saving energy with a breast-warming bra to turning your bra into a reusable shopping bag (scaling up the popular use of bra-as-purse), to the chopstick bras, where you could eat rice off your boobs, but now they're getting down to the roots, literally, by growing the rice right in your B cup. Called the My Tanbo Bra, Gizmag writes, "Behind each of the planters, bra pads roll out to double up as protection from the sun for the arms, while the straps feature sparkling decorations to dissuade pesky airborne pests from stealing your crop. The kit comes with a pair of "authentic" work shorts - fastened to the rear are removable work gloves emblazoned with symbols for harvest, and a water hose serves as a belt. A pouch of soil and seed starters are also included.

rice bra kit photo

They seem to have thought of everything for potential growers, creating a whole outfit for skimpy rice paddy gardening. If you go into your lingerie shop and see window displays with farming themes, don't say we didn't warn you...

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