Exquisite Accessories with Recovered Materials by Dominique Besanson


Photos: dqb studio.

Art director and photographer formed in Milan and New York, Dominique Besanson returned to Buenos Aires a few years ago and started thinking what she could do creatively. It was then when she thought of gathering her love for handcrafts and knitting with her care for the environment and created DQB, a line of accessories produced with discarded materials from the textile industry.

More info and beautiful pictures in the extended.Working for the fashion industry as a photographer, Besanson realized how much fabrics and threads that were in perfect condition were usually thrown away for nothing (wrong color, leftovers).

When she was trying to define what she wanted to do, she asked a few friends to give her some of those materials (especially threads) and began investigating knitting techniques to work with them.

She ended up with a group of beautiful pieces, the jewelry knitted with Australian techniques and the sheets and quilts sewed with French techniques. Her line includes necklaces, earrings, sheets, quilts, totes and hats, which are atemporal and not guided by seasons.


And if you're thinking these might be impossible to buy, you're wrong: Besanson has put herself an one hour limit for producing most of the pieces, and so she charges them accordingly prices. For example, a necklace and tote can go for about 50 pesos (about 15 USD), while a quilt can be 200 pesos (about 70 USD).


The jewelry can be bought at Etsy (although it's not updated now) and at some stores in Buenos Aires, and the quilts and sheets are made by request.

Besanson has also come up with another great idea: a free and open knitting workshop. The sessions are every Thursday in the afternoon with no fee and no need for inscription: you just show up and knit, talk, learn. For more information about that, contact the artist via e-mail: info at dqbstudio dot com dot ar (links at the bottom).









Via Direct Contact with the Artist

Dqb Studio
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