Exclusive: Moksa Releases New Organic Soaps to Benefit IFAW's African Elephant Campaign

moksa organics ifaw kilimanjaro photo

Moksa Organics "Kilimanjaro" line to benefit IFAW. All photos: Moksa Organics

Keeping in line with their commitment to benefiting environmental non-profits with each of their handmade personal care products--past collaborations have included Rainforest Action Network and Navdanya--Moksa Organics is dedicating a portion of proceeds from their new "Kilimanjaro" product line to International Fund for Animal Welfare's (IFAW) Animal Action Campaign for the endangered African Elephant.

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Moksa's Haskell and Melanie Martin

Moksa Organics is a carbon neutral company--as determined by Climate Safe--run by husband-and-wife founding duo Haskell and Melanie Martin who make each of their products by hand from organically-grown bulk ingredients. They're committed to reducing their waste and their water usage and also directly supporting campaigns they believe in.

Enter IFAW's Animal Action Education program, "Elephants, Never Forget" coming this Autumn. It will engage more than 5 million students, teachers and families with information on elephants. According to IFAW, fewer than 650,000 elephants exist today. When compared to the 10 million elephants that existed in 1900, that's a remarkable change. The education kits focus on awareness and conservation though a DVD and interactive online resources.

moksa organics ifaw kilimanjaro photo

The Kilimanjaro Cocoa Vanilla soap, $6.50, and body butter, $16, are hand crafted with fair trade ingredients, including pure cocoa butter and shea butter, and do not include palm oil.

moksa organics ifaw kilimanjaro photo

Moksa Organics will pledge $2 per body butter and $1 per bar of soap, up to $10,000, from their the "Kilimanjaro" line, to support IFAW's education program--just look for the IFAW logo on Moksa's products.

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