EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Stewart + Brown Fall 2009 Collection (Slideshow)

Stewart + Brown Fall 2009 collection

Photo credit: Stewart + Brown

When Howard Brown of Stewart + Brown asked TreeHugger if we wanted to break the news of the label's freshly shipped fall 2009 collection, including never-before-seen photos, it took every ounce of self-control not to pummel his electronic in-box with a volley of ALL CAPS and exclamation points. And because we couldn't decide which pieces were our favorites, we made a snap editorial judgement to give you practically the entire kit and caboodle, presented in the full-technicolor glory that is The Slideshow.

Click on through to view more than 30 fresh new looks that will have you yearning to feel a nip in the air and hear the crunch of golden leaves beneath your feet, and find out why actress Faye Dunaway is sustainable fashion's latest muse.


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