Ethical Fashion Show: 2006

EFS Invite.jpg

On the heels of Paris Fashion Week, the third annual Ethical Fashion Show (EFS) will feature over 60 designers from around the globe at primo locale Tapis Rouge starting Friday, October 13! What does "ethical" mean here? Well-treated workers, minimal eco-impact, and involved designers and producers. Next week, we'll fill you in on brands to look out for, and air the voices of up and coming conscience-laden designers on TreeHugger Radio! Also: we'll show you Umbrella Inside Out fashion competition winner Rainer Wolter's completed dress, which will grace the couture show's runway on Friday evening. After that, it's three days of feel-good round tables, exhibitions and showrooms. If you're in the industry, passes are available at the door starting Saturday morning. On Sunday, the general public is welcome. Don't forget to tune in to The Lazy Environmentalist this week for more on the show, with participating designers Annie Langlois and Deborah Lindquist as well as yours truly. More soon! ::Ethical Fashion Show


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