Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database Gets User-Friendly Makeover


Photo: screen shot via Skin Deep

The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database has helped a number of consumers give their cosmetic cases a non-toxic makeover, and so, it's about time they had one of their own.

The site has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years and they continue to be the most dependable and informative site when it comes to finding out the truth about the ingredients in common cosmetics and personal care products. The new design is fresh and clean, just like your makeup should be, take a look:

Cosmetics can be hard to figure out, which is where EWG's database comes in. Skin Deep helps decode the foreign ingredient list into bite-size pieces of information. They award products with a hazard rating from 0-10.

Back in 2008, I remember typing in the lengthy ingredients list on cosmetics to get EWG's hazard rating, but now their site has more than 65,000 products and it's become easy to find products.

skin deep new photo

Photo: screen shot via Skin Deep

Thanks to a million of EWG's supporters, the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database has added new user-friendly features. Their team of researchers have added more consumer tips, searchable FAQs and a new user's guide. And for social media fans out there, they've made it easier to share content and connect with them on common social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So bring your cosmetic case to the computer and visit EWG to find out the truth about what's in your products and tell us what you think of the new design in the comment section, below.

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