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The Environmental Justice Foundation is a small organization with a big goal. They want to bring environmental injustice to international attention. In Brazil, Vietnam, Mali, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, Mauritius and Indonesia, they are working with individuals and grassroots organisations teaching film and advocacy training in order to document and expose abuses to the environment.

EJF gives assistance to those in some of the poorest countries to enable them to have a voice and save their quality of life. For example, they have waged a high profile campaign to promote "clean cotton";cotton which has not been picked by child labour or made use of deadly pesticides.

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Other campaigns have included "Save the Sea"--ending illegal fishing, which causes massive damage to the marine environment and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

The trade in illegal wildlife is big business. Illegal trafficking of plants and animals is reducing wildlife populations, some to the verge of extinction. Their WildAid campaign has raised awareness of the plight of the bears in Viet Nam. FYI, bears are particularly valuable because of their use in traditional medicine in China.

To support the cause, celebrities and designers are working together in a series of photo shoots to launch EJF’s latest exclusive t-shirts. The celebrities include the model Lily Cole, actor Ashley Jensen and singer Joss Stone. The designers are Giles Deacon, Allegra Hicks, Zandra Rhodes and John Rocha. The t-shirts are produced on organic and fairly traded cotton and printed with organic certified inks. All money raised from the sale of the t-shirts goes to support the charity’s valuable work. A stylish gift for an important organisation. Environmental Justice Foundation

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