Environment by Heather Heron Salvages Army Textiles, Masters the Military Trend (Photos)

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Environment by Heather Heron. Credit: David Heron
Environment by Heather Heron, a collaboration of California-based designer Heather Heron and Environment Furniture. The lifestyle collection is comprised of travel bags, organic throws, hand knotted beach blankets, and organic hand-dyed scarves and is built by artisans in California with durable, built-to-last textiles such as surplus Japanese denim; organic hemp; boro, an antique Japanese textile; and vintage U.S. military tents--an authentic take on the current military fashion trend. Click through for images from the collection including our favorite: a surf bag made with reclaimed vintage military materials.

Reader beware: this collection will virtually transport you to the California coastline--for a few minutes, at least.
We first came across Environment by Heather Heron at an organic luxury Trunkshow and were recently reintroduced to the collection by Heron's pr firm SJR who sent over photos:


Environment by Heather Heron Surf Bag. Credit: Heather Heron

Personally, I don't surf--and that's a yet--but I am definitely coveting surf apparel and accessories for when I learn. Enter Environment's surf bag made from hemp rope and reclaimed military canvas tents, which are no longer in production since they were traded in for nylon tents.


Organic fringe throw. Credit: David Heron via Goodlifer
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A hand mended boro dyed with indigo. Credit: David Heron

Heron explains how she came across the Japanese textile boro in an interview with Goodlifer, below.

Ten years ago while traveling in Japan, I became obsessed with these beautiful textiles called Boro which are indigo dyed hemp that has been mended and repaired... the most stunning recycling tradition i had ever seen.

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Organic hand-knotted beach blanket. Credit: David Heron
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Organic scarves. Credit: David Heron
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Organic hand fringe throw, in action. Credit: David Heron

Event: If you're in the Atlanta, GA area stop by the Environment Furniture showroom for a trunkshow with Heather Heron tomorrow night (thanks to Kee Edwards for sharing this event). Details at Environment Showroom.