Entermodal: Vegetable Tanned Luxury Leather


It wouldn't come as a surprise to even the casual US Weekly reader that accessories have become designers' biggest money makers. Which brand is strapped to Nichole Ritchie's feeble arm this week? The average pubescent girl can tell you. We'll leave it to social scientists to dissect this early millennial hand bag obsession, and fill you in on an alternative to toxic, leather carriers. Last month's LA Fashion Week unveiled Entermodal, a new line of thoughtfully produced luxury accessories crafted in an Italian factory that has produced for Versace, Gucci, and Rolex. Keep reading for info and more pics.Portland-based Larry Olmstead's fifteen years designing and fabricating technical mountaineering packs have given him the chops to create accessories that will go the distance. In addition to feeling good about a guaranteed long life, it's nice to know that the leather is vegetable tanned, without heavy metals or formaldehyde, and the aluminum buckles feature recycled content. Also, the bags' folding constructions allow for Entermodal to disassemble and reform them into future products after consumer usage. A lot to like! We'll update you in February, when the goods are set to arrive in stores. ::Entermodal via Erin Rackleman




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