Elaine Kim Introduces Her Collection of Fresh and Edgy Couture

Elaine Kim Cupro Pants

photo: Elaine Kim

When the former designer of Product reentered the market last year after an eight year hiatus from designing, she proved once more that she has what it takes to be a fashion innovator. She creates edgy and inventive designs with clean lines and soft fabics. Her sculptural pieces make this young designer easy to recognize.Elaine Kim introduces her new collection of "artisanal and thoughtful" pieces. The line evokes a sense of calm with compelling shapes and draped fittings. Her designs are inspired by the need to create almost architectural pieces. "We've passed through the era of generic," said Kim upon her return to the industry.

Elaine Kim Bethany Cupro Dress

Elaine Kim's Inventive Collection is Worth its Weight in Green
The line is made from cupro cotton which we've seen before with designers like Ciel at London's Fashion Week. According to Asahi Fabrics, cupro is created from regenerated cellulose fiber from discarded cotton husks or wood pulp. It's made from the linter of the cotton boll, which is annually renewable and thus avoids both forest and petroleum depletion.

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