Eden Home: Luxury Organic Goods Emporium Online

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Eden Home should be a boon to all the eco-enthusiast online shoppers everywhere. Touting everything from clay cookware to organic bathroom linens to soap made of shea butter and olive oil, Eden Home seems like a classier, eco-friendlier online version of Bed, Bath & Beyond. The products look sharp, with flairs of a more modern aesthetic imbued into otherwise conventional house wares. And both the gift wrapping and boxes they package with are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and Eden Home uses biodegradable, recycled material in lieu of Styrofoam or bubble wrap for protective packaging.

Of course, there’s the matter of shipping—yes, unfortunately the goods must be shipped via Fed Ex or the equivalent. So in order to minimize the fossil fuel impact of shipping, save up all the items you want for one big order and have them group-shipped. Plus, it may not be long before Fed Ex’s fleet of hybrids grows large enough to significantly ease the strain. And if you’re going to shop online, shipping’s part of the equation—so might as well browse those like Eden Home that are dedicated to greening Internet commerce.

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