Turns Shopping Into a Game

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For some people, shopping is so much more than exchanging money for goods. Oh no, it's about the thrill of the chase, and the high that you get from getting a really great deal. Like finding a pair of brand new Edun jeans at a resale store for just $14.99. The guys at bring you an organic shopping experience packed with steals and deals, all online.The guys behind, Paul Sabini and Jason Timbo, offer one organic/eco-friendly product each day at 40-80% off. The item is available until they sell out, or until the time runs out at 9am the next morning (even if its in your shopping cart, if they sell out before you click purchase, then you're out of luck). Thats where things get exciting. Checking back each day, you never know what you might find, but you do know that it will be cheap.

Interested in buying organic but just find it to be too expensive? Looking for a gift for that know-it-all green friend of yours, but not sure what to get them? EcoSteal has you covered. You can also sign up for their daily digest and find out what's on sale that day.

To minimize their carbon footprint, EcoSteal keeps none of the merchandise on hand, but rather, partners with vendors interested in getting product off their shelves and their names out into the market. When you make a purchase, you are supporting green businesses from all over, and the items are shipped directly to you without the middle man. All products sold are either fashion or home decor, and are made from organic, fair trade and/or recycled
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