Ecoist Repurposed Waste-stream Handbags

Have you ever stopped to think about how much printed paper is made in the world every minute? All the newspapers, magazines, and product packaging to feed, inform, and entertain 6 billion people adds up to a hefty chunk of production. And if only 1 tenth of one percent of that paper is misprinted, that's an enormous stream of waste; Printed paper is pretty much useless for anything except pulp, and re-pulping it uses all kinds of water and energy. That's where Ecoist steps in...This little company is one of a growing number who recognize that even the most careful producers still generate waste. In this case, it's tons and tons of food labels. Sometimes they are misprints, or they might be from a line of candy that's been discontinued. Whatever the reason, they're brightly colored, fun, and available in large, reliable quantities.

Ecoist takes these reject paper and plastic labels and weaves them into hip, edgy purses and handbags. Patterns range from conservative colored metallics, to cartoon images from candy wrappers, and even subtle humor on recycling and trash. The craftsmanship also looks top-drawer. Prices range from 25.00 to 285.00 depending on your bag style and size. And if you see something you like, grab it while you can, because their hand-made, one of a kind designs change frequently depending on available material.
:: Ecoist Handbags [by DM]