EcoChic Geneva Showcases Sustainable Fashion at UN Headquarters

ecochic runway finale photo

EcoChic Geneva at Palais des Nations in Geneva. Credit: Abigail Doan

United Nations headquarters, Palais des Nations in Geneva was the epicenter of eco fashion Thursday night with a sustainable fashion show and exhibition--featuring ready-to-wear and couture collections by sustainable designers--the culmination of EcoChic Geneva, a collaboration between Green2greener and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Click through for photos courtesy of Ecco*Eco's Abigail Doan (whose home we visited for Trunkshow):

summer rayne oakes photo geneva

Eco model, activist, and Planet Green spokesperson Summer Rayne Oakes, spoke at the biodiversity seminar and strutted her stuff on the runway the next day. Credit: Abigail Doan
evgeni petkov photo

Bulgarian Designer, Evgeni Petkov stands with his handknit, natural fiber eco-couture wedding gown, created with the help of Abigail's mentoring.
Credit: Abigail Doan

noir oliver tolentino photo

NOIR's organic cotton couture garment and Oliver Tolentino's handcrafted piƱa gown with capiz shell embellishments. Credit: Abigail Doan

According to EcoChic the exhibition it is now open to the public free of charge until February 4, 2010. More photos and exclusive coverage on ecco*eco .

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