Eco Meets Ecco In New Prize For Sustainable Fashion

DeviDoll Sustainable Fashion collage

More prizes and accolades for designers who lessen the footprint of their goods from design through production to end of life are always welcome. The Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation has given grants to emerging ready-to-wear designers for awhile now, and just recently added a new category for sustainable fashion - worth a $25,000 show. Applications due October 3 at the EccoDomani site.

But what would be really great is to see more prizes for sustainable and sensibly priced eco-fashion. And then, a totally green H&M;, or Lands End, or even a Bitten - what we absolutely need is a Whole Foods of sustainable fashion for the rest of us - socks to sweatshirts to shoes. Until that happens, it's very difficult to buy green fashion for say, back-to-school, or winter wear for a family. It's all a bit too piecemeal. For now, we have to rely on eco-boutiques such as London's new Devidoll that group together more designers of green fashions, and of course on TH spottings of really cool new eco-goods! Via

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