Eco Jewellery Adds Bling to London Fashion Week

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Images by B. Alter: Little Glass Clementine

There was lots of bling at London Fashion Week's Estethica show this year. That's the annual exhibit of green and sustainable clothing that is becoming more and more prominent each season. This is the largest ever collection with 37 different brands of clothing and jewellery on display.

Jewellery is an area where designers can express their creativity on a very small and intimate scale. Many of the pieces were made by newcomers to the fashion field. Some were created out of recycled materials while others were made from recycled silver.

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Little Glass Clementine

These lovely necklaces were made by a newcomer to the field. The designer is an anthropologist and an environmentalist and always works with recycled bits that she finds all over. The pieces are comprised of old pieces of jewellery, pebbles from a beach, buttons from a box, gems from a broken bracelet or a single earring. There are even old lace doillies in some of the necklaces. Each one tells a story in the way that it is put together. With the old and new side by side, they are given a new life.

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Sagen is from Sweden and her work incorporates old pieces of pottery and ceramics that she finds. Some of the bits are retro '50's pottery, others are pieces that look English but are not. She grinds them to their own unique shape and sets them in recycled silver.

Each one has its own story, and she likes them to be reminiscent of old age and the memories that come with it.

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Made started in 2006. It is ethically produced in Africa, using local materials and based on traditional designs. What gives it that extra bit of style and sophistication is that the pieces are designed by a group of well-known English jewellery designers. The necklaces are hand-made to their specifications by artisans, using local resources such as precious metals and semi-precious stones, recycled glass, wood and bits of bone.

This season's collection is designed by Hattie Rickards, who has worked in the UK and the USA. She will be designing her own collection soon, also made of fairtrade gold. Made invited her to Kenya to work on her first collection and get to know the craftsmen there. She was "incredibly touched by the caring ethos of the company for its workers." She uses organic forms and includes lovely details such as cast fish bones and recycled glass.

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Joanna Cave is Greek and her jewellery is inspired by her country. This collection evokes the feeling of a greek summer and mediterranean landscape. She includes owl forms, fish and wavy stripes, reminiscent of the sea. She works in recycled silver which is then gold or rose plated. She combines child-like simplicity along with contemporary modernism to make these classic looking earrings and necklaces and rings.

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Leblas jewellery is from Spain and is made of reycled silver and gold. These lovely filigreed necklaces are very flexible and move with the body. They are influenced by the old Spanish mantillas that the women used to wear. The metals for the jewellery are made in small Spanish refineries, then they are put together in Barcelona in a small workshop where they are all hand made. The work is a combination of contemporary and traditional modes of fashion. All the semi-precious stones are traceable and the diamonds are sustainably sourced in Canada.

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