Eco-Friendly Bags Abound at BagTrends' Green Arm Candy Party

Rachel Sarnoff Ecostiletto Bagtrends photo

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff of

If bags are your bag, then Monday night's BagTrends Green Arm Candy Party would have been your Mecca. Co-hosted by the effervescent Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff of at Union Square Ballroom in New York City, the schmooze-booze-and-fondle-the-goods fest served up purses, totes, satchels, clutches, duffels, backpacks, hobos, and messengers galore, all with a sustainable schtick for guilt-free schlepping.

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Alison Teich of TEICH

On hand were old favorites like TEICH, Canopy Verde, Passchal, Ashley Watson, FEED, and RuMe, as well as some newer arrivals on the eco-bag scene, like Cork Designs, a company that has turned the erstwhile bubbly stoppers into a light-as-air bags with the look and feel of nubuck suede, and Creollus, which artfully recycles soda-can tabs, zippers, and newspapers into conversation-starting fashion accessories.

Jane Marvel's eponymous line of vegan-friendly, laminated-canvas wares have the carryall market cornered with the sheer breadth of appealing options available, from weekenders to computer totes, in the prettiest of prints. Better yet, Marvel says she's trading in dubious vinyl for polyurethane.

Lips Against Lead BagTrends photo

Teens Turning Green's Lips Against Lead petition

The upstanding young ladies of Teens Turning Green encouraged partygoers to pucker up with another Jane—Iredale, that is—and leave smooch prints on a swathe of canvas that will be mailed to Congress to protest lead in lipstick. parked its caboose the next table over, evangelizing nontoxic cosmetics and skincare products with panache. What else can we say but carry on?

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