Eco Fast Dress 2000 - Biodegradable Bikini

The English translation from this site lends itself to various interpretations, so maybe we’ve grabbed the bull by the wrong horns. But it would seem that the bikini shown here is made from a new line of 100% biodegradable biopolymers (source not mentioned, although they are food grade certified, apparently, for what it's worth). But these are a tad different from the rest, in that the resulting textiles are non-woven, being films, nets and tulles, and as such can use patented thermoforming and thermowelding techniques, in lieu of old fashioned sewing. The pictured swimsuit is said to dry instantly you step from the water. Not need then for an organic cotton beach towel (should such things even exist.) Evening wear and wedding gown also possible. More, in Italian, at ::Mina Boutique